Fresh Gear Equipment Disinfecting and Deodorizing


  • The only machine that DRIES AND SANITIZES simultaneously.
  • UV Ozone generation provides consistent ozone levels, even with damp gear.
  • Proprietary ozone destruction technology enables optimum ozone levels and the greatest bacteria kill rates.
  • No heat or harmful chemicals applied!
  • Same system used by NHL, OHL, NCAA teams and Hockey Canada.

How It Works

 Ozone is a very powerful germ killer. It kills them on contact. However, most competing ozone sanitizing machines simply pump ozone into a box and hope that the ozone floats into the right places to come into contact with germs.

The FreshGear patented process, utilizes perforated tubes to direct high levels of ozone into the areas that make contact with the skin, thoroughly sanitizing the gear and reducing the risk of infection. 


 “It is comforting to know that my kids are using equipment that is free of bacteria in an environment with potentially dangerous infections. On a practical side, I had never before had a tolerable experience sharing a hotel room with two high school hockey players plus equipment. Before our latest trip we got the equipment disinfected first at Crossovers Pro Shop.  Can't tell you how many times even the boys said..."wow, our room doesn't smell."- Amie Dragoo

“Hi...I wouldn't let Cody bring his hockey gear back into the house until he had Crossovers clean it.  What a great experience!  They cleaned everything (including bag, skates, helmet, etc.) except his hockey socks and jersey, and the stuff was done in a day.  It's sitting downstairs laid out on the ping pong table.  Smells a bit like a drycleaners but that's it.
Bacteria free and easy.  And, I can live with the stuff in the house! :)  Thought you might want to know! (Yes, it sounds like an advertisement but it was so great I figured you all should know about it!)”
-Laura Hildebrandt-Shively 

Fresh Gear Advantages

Fresh Gear kills up to 99.99% of bacteria in the gear, not just on the exterior surface of sports gear.

  • Fresh Gear is chemical-free. No need for expensive oils, solvents or bleaches.
  • Fresh Gear is the only machine that dries your sweat soaked gear while simultaneously disinfecting and deodorizing it.
  • Fresh Gear cleaning service prices are often less than half of our competitors.
  • Fresh Gear drastically reduces odors, it doesn't just mask odors with fragrances.