Skate Sharpening

Maximum Edge


 The Maximum Edge®  sharpening system incorporates our own profiling and patented finish process, which increases the number one factor in skating – skater control.

This system provides an improved center of gravity, resulting in greater maneuverability and increased speed. Blade profile and a square radius should work with the skater’s ability instead of creating body compensations and added physical stress.

Blade mounting, skating styles, player position, height, weight are major factors, but the more accurate the skater’s center of gravity is the greater results in personal performance. 

Radius of Hollow


 The radius that your skate blades are ground to when they are sharpened is called a hollow(R.O.H.). The deeper the hollow (small radius), the more bite the skater will get. The shallower the hollow (larger radius), the more glide the skater will get. Regardless of what depth your hollow is, the blades will always be “sharp”, it’s just a matter of how much depth is involved with the cut. The depth of hollow you choose depends on your weight and level of play. 

Blade Profiling


 A blade profile is the contour of your steel from toe to heal. Over time, through normal wear and tear and years of sharpening, your blade profile becomes degraded and out-of-balance. If your profile is out of balance, you will be forced to alter your stride to compensate for it. This means you won’t be able to put forth 100% of your talent, with 100% confidence. A correct blade profile will keep your stride in harmony, while giving you maximum push throughout. Combine the blade profile (maximum push) with a shallow hollow (maximum glide) and you’ve got a combination that will give you an edge over your competition every game! 

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Did you know...


Maximum Edge has been the NHL standard for 24 years.